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    Why We Need UPS To Stay Online

    Over the last two decades the internet has become a way of life. Wireless connectivity and being ‘online’ for many of us is second nature. It is a luxury that we have all taken for granted and only at times when we are not connected do we realise the true value of our wireless frameworks to our everyday lives.  

    With such heavy reliance on wireless connectivity, it could be the next casualty to fall under the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Remote working and schooling alone is contributing significantly to internet traffic, with thousands of students learning online and many others streaming videos and games.  

    Experts are warning that not only do service providers need to think of bandwidth and streaming allowances but also infrastructural improvements which includes the correct backup and disaster recovery provisions.  

    Wireless switching systems are also heavily relied on for essential applications such as CCTV, VoIP, fire systems and building management any downtime to these would cause data loss and have a sizeable financial impact.  

    Looking first at point to point wireless systems, these are often critically located to provide data to remote rural locations. Due to the susceptible supply of power to these areas, a UPS solution, supporting the point to point link would not only help regulate the power supplied but also ensure a continuous flow of power in the event of a mains failure.  

    For multiple dwelling units (MDU) a UPS system provides essential power back up for all switches. These switches often support emergency VoIP systems which cannot afford to fail.  

    Access points are also powered by switches and could affect overall data connectivity. This would have a devastating impact for the thousands now working from home 

    UPS systems are not just critical for keeping us online but are essential for ensuring we remain connectedCertaUPS has over £2million of UPS stock available from 800VA to 10kVA and works with specialist distributing partners across the country to ensure end user needs are met exactly. To find out more about available UPS systems please visit