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    Not To Be Taken For Granted

    If there is one thing that the coronavirus has taught us it is to never take anything for granted. It was only a few weeks ago that we were all going about our daily lives without a care in the world, working, shopping, socialising.  

    Now, with many businesses having to adopt working from home practices and many more taking a forced ‘break’, we also need to be prepared for changes to our electrical landscape and understand how this could affect us.  

    Thankfully, early reports suggest that because power consumption in the commercial and industrial sectors will fall, the additional demand from residential users can be supported. What we are being warned of is the possible increase in mains disturbances due to unforeseen power surges.  

    It is these small anomalies in power supply that affect really sensitive equipment like telephony and servers and can cause data loss to PCs. Not only do home users need to be mindful of this but business operators that have central servers need to consider how these will be maintained in the days, weeks and months to come.  

    Having reliable UPS systems supporting sensitive equipment will give peace of mind and power resilience through mains disturbances and complete power failures. Most businesses will already be equipped with a UPS and we urge these users to check that their systems are in full working order.  

    We appreciate that UPS systems are probably not at the forefront of many people’s minds, but they could save £1000s in lost revenue should critical systems fail due to loss of power.  

    A word of warning; the lifespan of a UPS is typically five to eight years, beyond then there is a significantly higher risk of component failure. So it is definitely worth having any UPS checked, especially if it supporting central servers that may be unattended for a while.  

    For businesses who have not budgeted for an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), losing power can have crippling consequences no matter what their size, especially with the ever-growing reliance on technology. CertaUPS has a range of single phase UPS solutions from 800VA – 10kVA. To find out more about available UPS systems please visit