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    CertaUPS software allows the end user to enjoy complete monitoring of power to their critical loads

    No matter how good a UPS is, having real time knowledge of it’s performance and power stability is truly vital.

    Software downloads available here

    UPS Software

    Web Interface

    Allows remote management as well as offering a user friendly GUI (Graphical user interface) making configuration possible using any networked device that allows web browsing.

    Support for SNMP-VQ/V2c/V3

    Enables backwards compatibility as well as security, Default V2c which doesn’t have “security” on

    No need for a management PC

    SNMP is fully featured for issuing notifications via email or SMS

    LAN/WAN shutdown

    Ability to trigger remote shutdown for one PC to multiple UPS without the need for software meaning compatibility is ensured (Advanced)

    No additional licensing fees

    Unlike competition

    UPS Software example
    UPS Software example
    UPS Software on Computer Screen

    Can be installed with UPS online

    Upgrade later with no downtime

    Wake on LAN

    Once power is restored the NMC can issue a packet of data to MAC addresses to restart the critical equipment

    SPS software

    SPS offers a simple windows based shutdown utility to make configuration simple, alternate operating systems can be shut down via SNMP traps (universal methos for triggering a response from snmp traffic.

    Scheduled shutdown/restart

    Ability to configured nightly shutdowns and morning restart of client on the network Saving power and money.

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