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    Encompassing digital and IT telephone systems

    The telecoms industry has grown dramatically in sophistication. Known to be the most profitable invention in US history, our reliance on telephony is staggering.

    The power of keeping in touch

    The technology within the telecoms sector continues to surpass expectations and our growing dependence on these systems has resulted in a greater necessity for constant power. The sensitive nature of telephony means that the slightest power disturbance can affect even the most high-tech equipment.

    CertaUPS power protection solutions not only provide essential backup power in the event of a mains failure but also ensures the clean, uninterrupted power is continuously supplied.

    Applications supported by CertaUPS backup power

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    Brands supported by CertaUPS backup power


    Our experience

    CertaUPS has long established partnerships with leading telecom specialists spanning over 20 years. These relationships have not only given CertaUPS strong knowledge and expertise within the telecoms sector but have also allowed CertaUPS to design and develop its UPS solutions specifically to meet the sensitive requirements of the industry.






    To provide continuous, uninterrupted power

    The reliance on power supply has never been greater for IP based telephone systems. CertaUPS C300R systems are widely used by one of the UK’s largest telecoms specialists to offer vital power protection for its telephone systems. Working with our partners we have helped to establish UPS systems into key specifications, giving confidence in business continuity with their customers whilst securing improved sales revenues.”
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    Our Premier UK Distributing Partners

    Our distributing partners have been carefully selected to cover a broad range of sectors and applications. CertaUPS provides industry leading support and discounts which are passed through the entire channel.