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    Why Choose

    Why Choose

    CertaUPS is a globally trusted uninterruptible power supply specialist

    The design and manufacturing excellence of the UPS products it supplies are all reflective of the reliability and market leading service that CertaUPS has built its global reputation on.

    Our Business

    Our Business


    Whether you are an end user, reseller or distributor, CertaUPS will work closely with you to ensure that you not only receive the best service but also industry-leading UPS product solutions.

    • Unparalleled global support services
    • Unlimited sales and technical support
    • Decades of manufacturing and industry experience
    • Industry leading delivery times
    • Nationwide team to provide direct technical sales guidance

    Increased margins of up to 50%

    123% uplift in export sales

    79% uplift in new partners

    82% increase in positive end user feedback

    Our CertaUPS Products

    Our Products

    The CertaUPS uninterruptible power supply products combine years of design and development experience with the very best manufacturing standards to deliver the most resilient power protection technologies on the market.

    • Superior resilience
    • 3 year warranty
    • Leading edge monitoring software
    • Available UPS technologies from 800VA – 30kVA

    100% improved power resilience

    80% prolonged battery life

    Industry leading 98% efficiency

    25% more useable power

    The CertaUPS product range is of a very impressive standard and can easily rival the market leading brands. We work closely with CertaUPS to provide our customers with an efficient service.

    Nick Work - Northamber, UK

    Our industry requires ultimate back-up power protection. CertaUPS solutions are of the highest quality we have seen. They deliver on all levels from resilience through to efficiency and affordability.

    Alan McCarthy - Open Network Services, UK

    CertaUPS products are the most reliable we have come across. They are tried and tested in a vast number of medical facilities nationwide and have been trusted by us and our clients for years.

    Allan Jackson - Starkstrom, UK

    We have an extremely good working relationship with CertaUPS. The team is always on hand to help provide instant quotes and provide both technical and sales support whenever it is needed.

    Richard Doyle - Com5, UK

    We have always been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and technical knowledge from CertaUPS.

    Brian Wardman - ICC Managed Services, UK

    We are often involved with large projects that require a sophisticated level of logistical organization. CertaUPS has always been able ensure seamless delivery, which has ultimately supported the smooth running of the required works.

    Garrett Murphy - Barb, Ireland

    Having dealt with CertaUPS for a number of years, we have always been impressed with their speed of delivery. The company has an impressively large stock holding and so can always dispatch goods to us quickly.

    Frank Flores - Ipsos, France

    We have been purchasing CertaUPS systems for many years. They are some of the most reliable we have ever come across.

    Kinuthia - Powersource Technology, Kenya

    The CertaUPS product range is not only extensive, making it ideal across all industry sectors but it is also of extremely high quality – delivering a level of resilience that is unparalleled in the industry.

    Ferry Tulling - The UPS Factory Bv, The Netherlands

    We have worked with CertaUPS for over five years. The company’s efficiency in providing quotes and technical support has always been exceptional.

    Martins Malahs - UPS Serviss, Latvia