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We are committed to providing CertaUPS solutions through our reseller partners and distribution channels. Please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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    Tech Support

    Tech Support

    Whether you’re a UPS expert or novice we could all use some technical support at times

    The CertaUPS range of backup power systems have all been designed with resilience and the end user in mind and pride ourselves on their flexibility and ease of use. However, we know that there will still be questions and bits of advice that you may need.

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    Setting up your UPS

    Most technical queries centre on UPS installation and usually because the UPS has not been set up correctly.

    Please note that all CertaUPS units are automatically set to start-up in stand-by mode or bypass mode. They need to be placed into line mode or normal operation in order to provide battery backup. To do this, press hold on the ‘on’ button for 3 seconds. The UPS will then transfer and the load will be protected.

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    Partner Support

    As a partner, you can rest assured that you will be provided with all the tools to offer your customers the technical support they need.

    All our partners receive ongoing technical and sales training to ensure that they can present CertaUPS in the best possible way.

    Our training extends far beyond just the mechanics and physical elements of UPS systems, we also include practical sales insights and support with tenders and quoting. We will also act on behalf of our partners to represent them at meetings when they are unable to attend and/or require additional technical input.

    Many technical support enquiries can be resolved by referring to the user manuals or product guides, these can be found here. However, if you require further assistance please complete the form below.



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