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    Site Survey

    Site Survey

    We offer a free site survey to assess your exact backup power requirements

    Our detailed free site surveys include a thorough assessment of all the essential elements to determine a customer’s exact critical power protection needs.

    Contact your local CertaUPS partner to book.

    Detailed site analysis

    The experienced technical team from CertaUPS will carry out a free site survey to establish exactly what the power protection needs are of your customers to ensure that only the required equipment is purchased.

    A typical site survey lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the installation size) and allows us to gather the information to offer precise recommendations and quotations after the site survey is complete.

    What to expect

    During the site survey, our experienced team will endeavour to assess the following areas:

    • Customer load size and power requirements
    • Assessment of the physical location and environment
    • Suitability for existing UPS and battery installation
    • Optional extras and accessories that may be required (ATS, PDUs, MODBUS, etc)
    • Communication options (SNMP, Remote monitoring, BMS integration)
    • Expected lead times
    • Delivery route and logistics

    Site surveys are carried out for all new critical power installations and for those projects that require the upgrade and/or replacement of existing solutions. They can be booked through your local CertaUPS partner.



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