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    Download the latest Software, Product Inserts and User Manuals

    Product InsertFile Size
    [PDF] C500E Insert 3.51 MB
    [PDF] C400R Insert 1.43 MB
    [PDF] C400 Insert 2.21 MB
    [PDF] C300R Insert 1.56 MB
    [PDF] C200 Insert 4.58 MB
    [PDF] C60 Insert 4.75 MB
    [PDF] Li400R 1U Insert 533.22 KB
    CertaUPS Product Brochure 2.81 MB
    [PDF] C550 Insert 570.8 KB
    [PDF] C550R Insert 723.2 KB
    SoftwareFile Size
    [ZIP] System Protect Software – With NMC 4.27 MB
    [ZIP] Winpower Shutdown (Solaris) 4.75 MB
    [ZIP] Winpower Shutdown (MACOS) 27.68 MB
    [ZIP] Winpower Shutdown (Linux) 120.7 MB
    [ZIP] Winpower Setup (C300R, C400, C400R, C500, C500R, C550, C550R, C500E) 101.54 MB
    [ZIP] ViewPower (C60, C200) 118.86 MB
    User ManualsFile Size
    [PDF] C500R User Manual 4.37 MB
    [PDF] C500E User Manual 2.49 MB
    [PDF] C500 User Manual 2.65 MB
    [PDF] C400R User Manual 2.31 MB
    [PDF] C400 User Manual 653.84 KB
    [PDF] C300R Battery Box Manual 1.41 MB
    [PDF] C300R User Manual 1.98 MB
    [PDF] C200 User Manual 769.96 KB
    [PDF] C550 & C550R User Manual 1.46 MB
    [PDF] C60 User Manual 746.21 KB
    [PDF] C450R User Manual 4.68 MB
    [PDF] CNMC User Manual 2.04 MB