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    IoT Monitoring Software

    The new range of CeraUPS UPS systems features Out of the box connectivity in the form of iot monitoring functionality

    With the simple download of an App, the UPS systems can be easily monitored in real time with testing and maintenance scheduling at your fingertips. 

    Download for iOS

    Download for Android 

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    Free to install with no licensing costs

    The monitoring app is available from both the iOS app store for Apple devices and the google play store for Android devices.

    Realtime monitoring of single or multiple UPS systems

    Monitor an infinite number of CertaUPS UPS systems directly from your smartphone, tablet or other digital devices.

    Group the UPS systems by site

    The app provides the ability to group the UPS system/s. This could be the site name, application or other relevant categories, making it easy to schedule tests by category.

    Push notifications

    notifications of any scheduled tests or issues straight to your phone or device giving you complete peace of mind that you will be kept up to date 24/7.

    Secure cloud connection based on Microsoft Azure

    Ensuring your data and information is secure at all times

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    Schedule testing

    Battery tests can be scheduled easily from the app and set as a single test or recurring test 

    Realtime monitoring

    Never miss a trick (or a UPS issue), with real-time monitoring for up to the second readings

    No complicated software

    The IoT software offers an easy installation process and UPS systems can be added by simply scanning the QRcode sticker on the UPS unit.

    Easy management from a mobile phone

    In today’s digital world, everything is available at our fingertips, and UPS monitoring should be no different. We understand the importance of knowing exactly what is going on with your critical infrastructure at all times  

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