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    Powerful Partnerships

    We recently discussed the fundamentals of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), reminding readers of their purpose; to provide reliable, clean, uninterrupted backup power.

    CertaUPS technology is tried and tested, and has been used for decades in critical environments including healthcare, life safety, security and IT. However, much of CertaUPS’ recent growth is down to the incredible support it has had from its channel partners.


    Recognising the value of key industry distributors, and accepting that knowledge is power, we have worked hard to form lasting relationships with reputable, credible and equally ambitious businesses.

    As an emerging brand within the channel, CertaUPS knew it had some stiff competition in terms of brand recognition. We entered the market confidently though, knowing that the CertaUPS technology was better than most. Our biggest hurdle was familiarising the market with the CertaUPS brand. With that in mind, we wanted to work with distributors that actively championed up-and-coming brands. Our strategy paid off and thanks to the amazing efforts of our partners and the investment and commitment from our own team, the CertaUPS brand is now firmly established in the channel.


    Knowledge sharing is vitally important to CertaUPS. We encourage all our partners to benefit from our experience with UPS technology. We empower them and their individual teams to be able to not just promote and sell UPS systems but to really understand how to position the CertaUPS product portfolio alongside different applications such as wi-fi, cctv, door entry and telecoms. We do this through structured, regular training, which is supported with vendor certification. We also identify new ways for partners to maximise sales and work with them to ensure they achieve the best possible profit margins, working closely with their teams to support them with autonomy calculations, specification and proposal design.

    In return, our partners support us with their wisdom; sharing their specialist knowledge of applications and the intricacies of the niche markets they work in. This insight is invaluable to us. It enables us to ensure best fit solutions for short, medium and long term requirements.

    One of our longest standing partners is Purdicom, a leading wireless networking, cloud and security distributor. Since working with them, CertaUPS has increased its market position in all three areas. Together we have won some major projects including a multimillion £ deal with full fibre optic broadband provider.

    Another high performance growth area has been with 1Connect where CertaUPS has been the UPS of choice for multiple live music venues across Europe. CertaUPS has also been made its mark and formalising agreements with leading electrical wholesalers.


    So we know that CertaUPS backup power technology is one of the most reliable on the market. Not only this but it is high performing and versatile. However, we don’t just let the CertaUPS technology speak for itself – our team backs it up with skill, know-how and market intelligence. We are also a very hands on vendor and place particular emphasis on collaboration throughout the customer journey.

    We are proud of the relationships we have built over the years and are thankful for the support of the many talented and influential individuals that we work with with.