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    UPS Systems

    UPS Systems – Don’t Forget The Fundamentals

    When it comes to UPS systems, the emphasis of late has been on remote monitoring and identifying where backup power fits in the advancing cloud landscape. There has been a lot of noise suggesting that because businesses are moving towards cloud data storage they are also downsizing their need for backup power solutions. However, it is not as clear cut as it may seem.

    Whilst cloud data storage might mitigate the need for onsite hardware, we cannot avoid the fact that today’s businesses are reliant on technology and complex electrical infrastructures. From IT networks, telecom systems and security grids through to wifi, lighting and life safety equipment; all these electrical devices require a reliable, clean and continuous power source.

    A reminder: The Purpose of a UPS System

    A UPS system protects electrical loads and devices from power disturbances and remain an essential piece of equipment

    • A UPS system conditions power being supplied to electrical equipment
    • A UPS system prevents damage to hardware caused by power anomalies such as inrush and spikes
    • A UPS system enables the safe shutdown of networks, minimising downtime

    Backup power technology and its basic function, for the most part has remained the same for years. Advances have been made in efficiency gains and monitoring solutions but the principles of a UPS system to provide uninterruptible power are unchanged.


    The first UPS devices were incredibly power hungry, where there were original losses of over 20%. These losses have been greatly reduced over the years thanks to improved component design and quality, making UPS systems a viable and now critical solution for delivering backup power. Additional efficiency gains have been realised from improved switching times and more efficient cooling solutions. Many of today’s UPS systems, including those from CertaUPS, achieve upwards of 97% efficiency, where some models boast 1.0 power factor.


    Digital curiosity has pushed the boundaries of many technologies including UPS systems. Gone are the days of small analog screens, which have been replaced with intuitive LCD displays featuring real time performance and automated alert functions.


    UPS monitoring has undergone rapid transformation, starting off with simple system alerts to now offering sophiticated IoT monitoring solutions such as the one from CertaUPS, users can now benefit from complete proactive, remote UPS management.

    IoT monitoring collects data from the UPS unit and sends it to a cloud-based platform to be analysed and processed. Users are then able to view real time information, receive alerts and notifications and examine historical data for assessment and reporting.


    In addition to predicted further developments to IoT monitoring, UPS manufacturers, including CertaUPS will be focusing on sustainability. Looking at component materials, supply chain and reducing carbon footprint.

    The fundamentals of a UPS system: to provide uninterruptible power – will always remain the same. What will change is user approaches to achieving resilient, future proof power protection strategies.

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