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    CertaUPS Launch new range of IoT ready UPS

    CertaUPS has released four new additions to the CertaUPS backup power range, all with out of the box connectivity in the form of an advanced IoT monitoring app.

    On the front page of the manual is a QR code which takes the customer to either the Apple app store or the Google Play store depending on which device you have. When on the app, click the (+) and scan the unique QR code on the UPS. The UPS will automatically connect to the app and can be monitored straight away.

    The app allows customers to monitor an unlimited number of compatible UPS systems across multiple sites. The sites and individual UPS can be renamed in the app for easy identification.

    Maintenance personnel can be added for rapid response to an event, and notifications can be delivered via push or e-mail and be configured to notify you about all events or just critical events.

    Battery tests and other petametre tests can also be performed using the app. These can be set up on a schedule or as and when required.


    The smallest of the new UPS systems is the C450R, a single phase rackmountable UPS with online double conversion, unity power factor and out of the box connectivity. Available in three output powers 1000VA, 2000VA and 3000VA all with B and C models, the C450R has superseded the C400R.


    Another new rackmount addition is the unity power factor C650R which is available from 6kVA – 10kVA in B and C models. This new UPS contains all the features and benefits of the C550R but with IoT monitoring software making it easier to keep an eye on the performance of the system and giving the customer greater peace of mind. The C650R supersedes the C550R

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    The C650 is a new single phase tower UPS system that has replaced the C550. It’s manufactured with a unity power factor and can be paralleled with up to three other units. Up to 6 external battery modules can also be connected

    C750 front right product image

    Completing the new tower range of UPS is the C750, also with unity power, the C750 is a true online double conversion UPS with adjustable charging current, battery configuration and the ability to configure the unit as a three phase or single phase UPS (3/3, 3/1 or (1/1) to meet utility and load wiring.

    Joshua Naylor, Divisional Manager at CertaUPS commented:

    “All of these new UPS solutions from CertaUPS have been designed and engineered to deliver quality, reliability and affordability. The multifunctional range encompasses leading edge out of the box technology, not seen on any other single phase UPS on the market, battery extensions and efficiency.”

    UPS systems are very much a key part of critical infrastructure and users have become dependent on them for business continuity. Educating the industry is essential to ensuring that the right solutions are being adopted. Specifying incorrect UPS solutions could have very serious consequences. To find out more about the new CertaUPS products please visit or ring 03333 130251