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    Avoid the Stress

    We live in a world where manual systems are becoming obsolete anwe are almost wholly dependent on IT systems. This reliance has had a predictable, though perilous impact on power supplies. 

    A recent report from the Uptime Institute identified that the power outages and disruption to services was becoming ‘more severe and more costly’. The likely cause of this is the extended duration of downtimeThe report suggests that this is due to the increased complexity of IT equipment and more failures at this point. The big question is – what is causing these failures? Is it greater human error or are systems just unable to cope?  

    Truth be told it is probably a combination of the two, where both culprits stem from equipment density. Human error can be corrected with more knowledge and better training, ensuring that qualified personnel are the key operators. The latter needs to focus on safeguarding equipment, and users need to be more aware of why this is so critical.  

    IT equipment and other peripheral systems that are found in most businesses such as telephony and security have evolved so much over recent years. The intelligence behind today’s technology is intricate and powerful and our dependency on these places a great deal of pressure on them. It is their delicate framework that makes them more susceptible to irregularities including those from mains power supplies 

    A mere millisecond of power loss could corrupt files and damage data integrity or even result in total, unplanned shutdown. Fixing complex IT hardware, is time consuming, which is probably where we have noticed the significant increase in prolonged downtime. 

    Ensuring that essential equipment is supported by a UPS solution (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will help to address any anomalies to the power supply and produce clean, uninterrupted power. Not only this but in the event of a complete mains power failure, equipment will be protected, allowing for safe shutdown if necessary.  

    The Uptime Institute supports the need for ‘resiliency regimes’ to be extended beyond mainframe facilities such as data centres and recognised more within IT specific applicationsThese power protection strategies are essential; the principles of vigilance, recovery, and fail over – especially when under stress – are more important than ever. 

    Backup power supplies are an integral part of our IT framework and cannot afford to be neglected. CertaUPS has a range of single phase UPS solutions from 800VA – 10kVA. To find out more about available UPS systems please visit