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    Where Does UPS Fit In An ITaaS (IT as a Service) Strategy?

    aaS – the latest acronym shaping today’s business models. ITaaS (IT as a Service), in particular is not a new concept. Many organisations outsource their IT requirements to managed service providers, and up until recently have been wholly focussed on ‘services’.

    These services look at process, workload, platform integration, performance and support. They allow businesses to take advantage of IT professionals who are trained experts in topologies, configurations and scalability potential. With IT forming the catalyst of many organisations, it is essential that it is in safe hands.

    The uptake of ITaaS over the last few years has seen many service providers begin to directly offer hardware as well. It is important to remember though, that many, whilst are experts in IT services may not also be specialists in IT hardware.  Particularly for items such as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems.

    Whilst the role of a UPS system is relatively easy to understand – it is essentially a battery pack that will support equipment with power in the event of a mains fail, selecting the right backup power solution is somewhat more complex.

    UPS sizing is not just a case of identifying the correct VA requirement, it also considers the type of load it is supporting and the environment. These, along with other key factors could be the difference between a UPS system safeguarding essential IT hardware or it failing completely.

    CertaUPS and its key partners work with a number of leading IT managed service providers to ensure that the correct UPS systems are selected and that the right power protection strategies are adopted. It urges all businesses to remain judicial and those that have embraced an ITaaS model, to carefully review the hardware choices being presented to them.

    Typical, and recommended integration of ITaaS is gradual and in most cases this has been done to protect and control internal policies such as privacy and compliance. A full ITaaS model usually takes a number of years to implement, where total trust is placed with a provider. Despite this, businesses must remember that IT hardware and in particular specialist items such as UPS are a specialism in themselves.

    Backup power supplies are an integral part of our IT framework and cannot afford to be an oversight. CertaUPS has a range of single phase UPS solutions from 800VA – 10kVA. To find out more about available UPS systems please visit