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    UPS – Critical for Business Continuity

    With the world trying to establish a new ‘normal’, it may seem like a strange time to place UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems on the priority list. However, it is important to remember that a UPS often sustains the norm.

    UPS equipment not only provides essential backup but also acts to deliver a clean source of power. This is especially crucial now as more businesses get back to full operational capacity. Greater pressure is being placed on the national grid and an increased number of power sags, surges and spikes are already being recorded across the country.

    The role that UPS systems play towards delivering business continuity is far greater than many realise. Whether the UPS unit is supporting a single PC, phone, network, server or entire electrical infrastructure, it will always be playing a vital role. A UPS solution and a carefully planned power protection strategy will safeguard against any risk to loss of power and could save a business £thousands in downtime. A small investment now, will pay dividends in the future. It is recommended that any essential equipment should be supported by a UPS.

    Key considerations:

    • Is there a UPS supporting critical equipment? PCs, servers, CCTV, telephones? If not, why not? Can the business afford the downtime if equipment were to lose power?
    • How old is the UPS? If it is over three years old have the batteries been checked?
    • Has the UPS been left idle? It is still supporting the same load as when it was originally purchased? If not it may not be fit for purpose.
    • Where is the UPS operating? Is the environment well ventilated? If not, it could overheat, causing battery failure.

    For those that have been lucky enough to continue to operate as close to normal as possible, they still need to consider any changes to load input and the environment in which a UPS system is situated. Those that have had to face temporary or permanent closure must also be mindful of the condition of the UPS solution supporting their infrastructure. When a UPS is left idle, battery life is still being used and in older systems, three years and above, a UPS battery check is recommended.

    Where businesses have remained fully operational, it will be important for them to review their load requirements to ensure that any backup power in place is still correctly sized. Backup power supplies are an integral part of business frameworks and cannot afford to be an oversight. CertaUPS has a range of single phase UPS solutions from 800VA – 10kVA. To find out more about available UPS systems please visit