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    Why Do Educational Facilities Need a UPS system?

    A reliable source of power is an integral component of modern-day society and one that is often taken for granted. It plays a pivotal role in supporting today’s technological classrooms, empowering teachers with mass media tools such as the internet, smart devices, cloud-based platforms and mobile apps.

    Since the turn of the century, methods of teaching have shifted dramatically. Having access to pedagogical philosophy has replaced the outdated “drill and kill” teaching styles, and with it has come the need for 24/7 power.

    New technologies such as smart white boards have superseded the offline whiteboard and tablets have made notebooks and pens somewhat obsolete. Traditional IT rooms have also been revitalized to include modern smart technology that tends to be less power hungry and more energy efficient.

    How will this effect power availability?

    Upgrading to more efficient technologies offsets the additional draw on power from the increased numbers of devices across the establishment. However, there has also become a higher reliance on power. A power failure would not only disrupt learning, but cause hours of work to be lost if a computer is not shut down safely.

    Universities may have a more obvious need for continuous power with robust IT and networking infrastructures being integral to the smooth campus operation. Students expect to be able to access resources at any time, and security systems such as access control are needed at all times of the day.

    Research processes often take up to 24 hours or more and a mere millisecond of power disturbance can result in thousands of pounds worth of lost data from a universities research laboratory. A loss of power can also cause widespread safety issues for all types of educational facility, not just physically but data breaches too, an aspect that is all too often forgotten about.

    Ensuring 24/7 power reliability

    By installing a UPS system, essential equipment will be protected from any power anomalies, disturbances, or complete power outages, allowing for safe system shutdown, and giving facility managers peace of mind.

    With space at a premium in existing infrastructure, a decentralised UPS configuration is often the only option. Although this configuration allows for flexibility, it is important to consider the environment in which they are going to be placed.

    Centralised systems are often the configuration of choice in new builds where dedicated communications rooms can be been built. Centralised systems easier to access and maintain and being in communication rooms means the environment is better suited.

    CertaUPS offers a range of small footprint, high power, single phase UPS solutions from 800VA to 10kV offering superior resilience and operational efficiency for all areas and facility types.

    Where businesses have remained fully operational, it will be important for them to review their load requirements to ensure that any backup power in place is still correctly sized. Backup power supplies are an integral part of business frameworks and cannot afford to be an oversight. CertaUPS has a range of single phase UPS solutions from 800VA – 10kVA. To find out more about available UPS systems please visit