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    CertaUPS Expands Partner Portfolio with 1Connect

    CertaUPS is thrilled to announce its newest partnership with the prominent communications service provider, 1connect.

    Complimenting its meticulously selected portfolio of connectivity, communication, security, and network infrastructure vendors, 1connect has now included the complete CertaUPS backup power product range. Covering the entire spectrum of single phase UPS requirements, the CertaUPS catalogue starts at 800VA line interactive and online solutions available up to 20kVA.

    Warrington based 1Connect supports the IT reseller market with leading edge technologies, enhancing their business communications and speeding up their connections.

    On the new partnership, the company’s business development director, Simon Cummings commented: “Power stability is a topic that crops up regularly in conversations with our customers and with the rapid introduction of new technologies and the growing need for system availability, we were wanting to partner with a forward-thinking critical power vendor like CertaUPS.”

    Joshua Naylor, Divisional Manager at CertaUPS commented “1Connect is a valuable partner to have representing the CertaUPS products in the communications arena. Their excellent sales team are enthusiastic about the product and how it will really complement their existing leading portfolio.”

    Over the coming weeks and months, the companies will be working closely together to develop strategic go to market strategies. 1Connect has exceptional technical knowledge and market leading experience and will be able to offer invaluable customer support. For more information visit or phone 01925 530 150

    CertaUPS is an international provider of UPS solutions, which have been designed and engineered exclusively to cope with the harsh electrical environments of not just today but of the future. Manufactured using the finest quality components and to the highest technical specifications, CertaUPS systems start at 800VA and include a selection of both tower and rackmountable systems up to 20kVA.

    The company’s unparalleled expertise within the field of emergency power enables it to deliver the most reliable UPS technologies along with industry leading technical service support. This all-encompassing and full-service approach makes CertaUPS one of the most sought-after UPS partners in the world. For further information please visit, email [email protected] or call 03333 130351

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