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    Can your critical infrastructure weather the storm?

    Storms are one of the most common causes of power outages in the UK. The high-speed winds and heavy snowfall bring down trees and power lines and icy conditions can cause disruption to businesses up and down the country.

    Earlier this year in February, the UK experienced its lowest ever temperatures in over 25 years, with many counties plummeting below zero Celsius. The country has once again been hit with gale-force winds, this time from Storm Arwen. Experts have said that the weather will become more unpredictable in the coming years with blazing summers, bitingly cold winters and more stormy forecasts, businesses need to be aware of the impact this can have on them.

    The most effective way to alleviate this risk is by investing in a UPS system (uninterruptible power supply) which provides peace of mind that in the event of a total outage or brownout, their operational systems will remain safe.

    Firstly, a UPS will provide instantaneous power in the event of a mains failure. For a bank of computers or server rack, this would mean the UPS would maintain the load until the mains power resumes. For longer runtime requirements, a UPS acts as a stop-gap while the load is transferred to a generator to protect sensitive devices.

    Secondly, a UPS will ensure a consistent supply of clean electricity is fed to the critical equipment. Power shifts, surges, spikes or sags caused by damaged power cables can cause damage to electronic devices. If harmful conditions arise, the UPS will switch to AC power, stopping the spike from reaching the connected equipment. Once clean power is restored, the UPS reconnects its output to the power coming from the mains.

    Finally, the cost of losing productivity and essential data is far higher than the cost of a single phase UPS system. The UPS allows colleagues an opportunity to backup essential data and power down their workstations and servers safely to avoid loss of data.

    CertaUPS has unmatched experience across the field of emergency power, which enables it to deliver the most reliable UPS technologies, which have been designed and engineered to cope with harsh and ever changing electrical environments. This, coupled with its industry leading technical service support delivers an all-encompassing and full-service approach, which makes CertaUPS one of the most sought-after UPS partners. For further information please email [email protected] or call 03333130351.