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    Protecting Our Knowledge of the Future

    The world is on the move, the planet is shifting. Not in the conventional sense but in a way that mankind has never acted before. From social norms through to social interactions the delivery and receipt is on the move.

    It is a known fact that our world’s population is continuing to grow faster than we can accommodate, with average growth levels estimated at 83million people per year.

    There are now over 7billion people drawing on the Earth’s resources, which puts us on the brink of overpopulation. In 2010 around half the world’s population lived in big cities, with this expected to reach over 60 percent by 2030. These major cities are already feeling the strain, from increased traffic, food and water supply through to energy consumption. As our traditional big cities reach capacity, an increasing number of urban settings are emerging as “big cities” in their own right. Heavy investments are being made to develop stronger infrastructures, both real and virtual to support our tech hungry population.

    It is widely known that global energy demand is likely to increase by around 30 percent as we head toward 2030 and it is expected that energy and power will be the biggest resource requirement. Better and more sustainable energy production have been in the zeitgeist for years, some of it with sincere intent, some of it political posturing. However, knowledge will rank as the biggest “resource” throughout the 21st century? By knowledge we include communications, learnings, improvements and calculations among others.

    Remarkably the speed of “knowledge” delivery is seen to be the paramount factor, even outranking the quality. Then, there is the storage, retrieval and archiving of “knowledge” that will drive the expected urban expansion worldwide. Whilst, a lot of attention is given to the development in technologies and exploration into the cloud to achieve these overarching requirements, a fundamental element is often over looked. Power. Will there be enough? How will supply be protected?

    On the assumption that energy production will evolve within both current industrialised nations and throughout the massive emergence of the African continent as an industrialised region, protecting, or guaranteeing power supply is set to become not just a safety net but a non-negotiable necessity.

    In some areas of the world where rapid expansion in technology and manufacturing is occurring, the infrastructures being installed are far outperforming the legacy frameworks in more “traditional” tech savvy continents that have been in place for several decades. So once again, within these “advanced” countries we anticipate further development and power requirements just to keep pace with the emerging sectors.

    Regardless of the stage of “progress” (defined as technological – is mankind really happier now we email but rarely talk..?) lack or loss of power can, and potentially could halt progress. Whether on a large industrial stage or within individual environments that have embraced ever emerging technology. You may be thinking of the Apollo missions to the moon? Some of the most advanced and complicated processes and equipment were threatened by a “low tech” obstacles that were removed via the simplest of means.

    CertaUPS has tried to approach these challenges by both developing its power protection systems (UPS) with human “everyday” concerns in mind and knowledge sharing among its global network of partners. Feedback relating to seemingly insignificant tech considerations has changed its UPS specifications relating to efficiency, performance and above all – perception.

    We realise that protecting power and ensuring the right quality of power has to be a starting point, otherwise the relied upon delivery of knowledge is threatened, no matter how advanced the infrastructure or equipment.

    Efficiency and usage of our finite utilities should not just be a cost consideration but a key component in managing the world’s power production.

    Knowledge that has helped CertaUPS develop improvements and refinements into its UPS systems coupled with an intimate knowledge of the customer journey and experience has shaped its approach to what protecting power is all about. Not just ensuring the lights stay on or the server’s components are protected but a small and vital cog within an ever quickening pace towards big city working, sharing and above all – living.