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    CertaUPS Announces New Partnership with Ortus UK

    CertaUPS has been chosen as the lead UPS manufacturer for independent IT distributor Ortus UK.

    Having recognised the need to be able to offer more flexible options and a wider range of backup power solutions, Ortus UK is now providing the entire CertaUPS range of UPS systems and accessories to the UK and Europe. This includes line interactive and online solutions from 800VA – 30kVA.

    Ortus UK has already completed commercial training and is now an official CertaUPS certified trained partner. The team is now fully versed on UPS technologies and the full product range.

    CertaUPS’ partnership lead, Joshua Naylor, commented:

    We are thrilled to have Ortus UK representing CertaUPS. It is very early days but we have already been impressed with the team’s enthusiasm and efficient customer management approach. Ortus UK has extensive knowledge of the market and its needs and we are wholly confident that the company will be able to support CertaUPS in this very competitive arena.

    With offices in Warrington and Birmingham, Ortus UK has an extensive stock holding of IT equipment and peripherals. The company has over 50 years of experience across the IT sector, which enables it to offer valued technical guidance before purchasing. For more information visit or phone 01925 885990.

    CertaUPS is a global provider of uninterruptible power supply systems, which have been designed and engineered exclusively to cope with the harsh electrical environments of not just today but of the future. Manufactured using the finest quality components and to the highest technical specifications CertaUPS systems start at 800VA and include a selection of both tower and rackmountable systems up to 30kVA.

    Our unparalleled expertise within the field of emergency power enables us to deliver the most reliable UPS technologies along with industry leading technical service support. This all-encompassing and full-service approach makes CertaUPS one of the most sought-after UPS partners in the world. For further information please email [email protected] or call 03333 130351