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    CertaUPS certain to challenge UPS market

    Now recognised as the breakthrough brand throughout Europe, CertaUPS has launched an attractive partner approach, exclusively tailored for the UK IT and telecom reseller community.

    With an extensive range of UPS systems ranging from 800VA to 20kVA, CertaUPS focuses not just on leading edge power protection engineering but also driving sales margins for its partners and developing long term joint working initiatives.

    CertaUPS UK & Europe General Manager, Justin Tarrant-Willis commented on the new partner programmes:

    We are seeking to establish long-term partnerships which will enable us to invest in our partner relationships with marketing, training and support elements that will assist the partner for years to come. As a manufacturer providing UPS systems worldwide, our immediate goal is to drive profitability in the UK and European channel via excellent customer service, optimal logistics and customer education.”

    When asked about the price positioning of the range Mr Tarrant-Willis said: “We are not seeking to win customers based upon unsustainable “rock bottom” prices. That inevitably leads to compromised quality and increased cost. We are offering price structures that allow significant uplifts in sales margins to the channel without a bargain basement approach.”

    Over 100MVA of CertaUPS solutions can be found supporting a wide spectrum of server networks and sensitive telecom applications including those for the NHS, councils, universities, data centres and security environments.

    Delivering the best available technology, CertaUPS is now a firm market leader in design quality, reliability, and affordability. The multifunctional range encompasses leading edge intelligent monitoring software, battery extensions and efficiency.

    CertaUPS is looking to introduce a three phase UPS offering up to 30kVA in the New Year. Partners will also be the first to benefit from UPS solutions that deliver true unity power in 2018.

    For more information about how to become a CertaUPS partner click here, or if you have any questions please email [email protected] or contact the office on 03333 130351.,