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    Micro Datacentre

    Micro Datacentre

    Single Phase UPS Systems

    Suitable for a variety of key applications, CertaUPS single phase ups systems have been designed exclusively to deliver industry-leading resilience. They are among the most highly sought after UPS solutions across all industry sectors including healthcare, councils, IT and data centres.

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    • CertaUPS C60

      CertaUPS C60

      Line Interactive

      800 – 2000VA
      Applications: CCTV, EPOS and PC Workstations

    • CertaUPS C200

      CertaUPS C200

      Line Interactive

      1000 – 2000VA
      Applications: CCTV, alarm systems, EPOS and small office networks

    • CertaUPS C300R

      CertaUPS C300R

      Line Interactive

      1000 – 3000VA
      Applications: Telephone and security systems, IT servers and networks

    • CertaUPS C400

      CertaUPS C400

      Online Double Conversion

      1000 – 3000VA
      Applications: Small to medium sized IT systems, telecoms & security facilities

    • CertaUPS C400R

      CertaUPS C400R

      Online Double Conversion

      1000 – 3000VA
      Applications: IT server racks

    • 475

      CertaUPS C450R

      Online Double Conversion

      1000 – 3000VA
      Applications: IT server racks, work stations, telecoms, healthcare and CCTV

    • C650 hero product image

      CertaUPS C650

      Online Double Conversion

      6 – 10kVA
      Applications: Server rooms and small data centre environments

    • C750 hero product image

      CertaUPS C750

      Online Double Conversion

      10 – 20kVA
      Applications: Data center, enterprise and distributed IT in banking, telecom, Colo, and commercial & retail.