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    CertaUPS C300R

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    CertaUPS C300R

    1000 – 3000VA
    Applications: Telephone and security systems, IT servers and networks


    The C300R range only takes 2U of rack space in a rackmount form and includes internal batteries for standard runtimes. Encompassing all the key features of a smart, line interactive, single phase UPS solution, the C300R is affordable, reliable and flexible. Its rack mountable and floor standing ergonomics give the C300R maximum installation flexibility.

    Key Features
    • 0.9 output power factor
    • Expandable runtime with additional battery modules
    • Network management for alerts and scheduled shutdown
    • Serial, USB, NMC and Relay connectivity
    • Rackmount rails included

    TECHNOLOGY: C300R, 3000VA

    The reliance on power supply has never been greater for IP based telephone systems. CertaUPS C300R systems are widely used by one of the UK’s largest telecoms specialists to offer vital power protection for its telephone systems. Working with our partners we have helped to establish UPS into communication specifications, giving confidence in business continuity with their customers whilst securing improved sales revenues.