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    33U MDC


    Self contained air conditioned server rack – a micro data centre incorporating; a rack, UPS, PDU, autonomous cooling unit with no requirement for external pipework, monitoring, security and software.

    Designed in either 24U or 33U height, CertaUPS’ compact modular micro data centre is a fully integrated, customisable and self contained unit for edge computing that incorporates a 19″ rack, UPS power system, PDU, and fully autonomous cooling system that does not require any external pipework, monitoring, security or software.

    Fully expandable, the Micro Data Centre offers the ability to add a self contained edge computing centre in non-climate controlled environments and iT rooms – including th emost restricted of spaces. The ability to plug and play makes it ideal for supporting mission-critical SMB and branches to configure a readymade and cost effective data centre solution.