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    CertaUPS C650R

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    CertaUPS C650R

    6 – 10kVA
    Applications: Data centres, server rooms, IT, telecoms & networking


    With a unity power factor (PF=1) the C650R series of rack mountable UPS systems provide the ultimate efficiency. Taking up only 3U of rack space inclusive of the battery module, the UPS is compact yet powerful. Configurable also as a tower unit, and with adjustable charging current and battery configuration, the C650 provides the user with optimum flexibility. For increased power requirements, up to 3 UPS systems can be set up in parallel to share the critical load or provide N+1 redundancy. With the quality of the monitoring software being as important as the quality of the UPS system, the C650R comes with out of the box connectivity with the included IoT UPS monitoring software, controlled by a user friendly mobile app for android or iOS.

    Key Features
    • Unity (1) power factor
    • High efficiency up to 95%
    • Pure sinewave output
    • True online double conversion
    • Expandable runtime with additional battery modules
    • Rackmount or tower compact 2U convertible design
    • Rackmount rails included
    • Out of the box connectivity monitoring software
    • Programmable LCD display for quick UPS parameter configuration

    TECHNOLOGY: C650R, 10kVA