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    CertaUPS C500R

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    CertaUPS C500R

    6 – 10kVA
    Applications: Data centres, server rooms, IT, telecoms & networking


    When positioned in a rackmount form, the C500R has a capacity of 6kVA/5.4kW contained within 3U and 10kVA/9kW contained within 5U. The C500R includes internal batteries providing standard runtimes. For a more resilient solution, an additional UPS unit can also be connected in parallel to share the critical load or provide N+1 redundancy.

    Key Features
    • Eco-mode function
    • 0.9 power factor
    • Network management for alerts & scheduled shutdowns
    • USB connectivity & HID functionality
    • Expandable runtime with additional battery modules
    • Rackmount rails included

    TECHNOLOGY: C500R, 10kVA

    The world’s most recognised high street bank, which prides itself on its customer service requires clean, even and assured power at all times. One element of the bank’s data centre infrastructure which supports the bank’s automatic cash dispensers is being supported by a collection of C500R UPS systems. These resilient and high-efficiency backup power solutions are compact and versatile making them ideal for environments where space is at a premium.