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    UPS Centre

    William 0203 740 4318 [email protected]
    UPS Centre

    The UPS Centre has been formed to provide great expert advice when it comes to UPS power protection & that's why when you buy from us you are getting skilled professional advice as to what you are using your UPS for & how it will protect you & your hardware for, we also proud to offer the following

    • server-racks
    • servers
    • switchgear
    • pc-stations
    • photocopiers
    • lighting
    • fire-supression
    • air-conditioning
    • monitoring-equipment
    • intruder-alarm-system
    • cctv
    • motion-detection-sensors
    • smoke-alarms

    At UPS Centre our aim is to make UPS's more understandable and to make it easy for you to decide what is right for you when it comes to protecting your valued hardware We are able to take the hassle out of finding the right solution by offering our expert advice on what is needed according to your requirements & needs We believe in working with with you to provide the best price for your solution & that's why we would like to invite you to contact us with your needs & requirements & see if we can help.

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