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    CertaUPS C550R

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    CertaUPS C550R

    6 – 10kVA
    Applications: Data centres, server rooms, IT, telecoms & networking


    With a unity power factor (1), the C550R provides ultimate efficiency. When positioned in a rackmount form, both the 6kVA/6kW and the 10kVA/10kW is <600mm in depth, meaning it can be installed seamlessly into all racks.

    For a more resilient solution, up to 3 UPS units can be connected in parallel to share the critical load or provide N+1 redundancy.

    Key Features
    • Eco-mode function
    • Unity (1) power factor
    • Network management for alerts & scheduled shutdowns
    • USB connectivity & HID functionality
    • Expandable runtime with additional battery modules
    • N power deterioration in full operating temperature range
    • Rackmount rails included

    TECHNOLOGY: C550R, 10kVA